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April 21 – The Death of the Non Responsive Site

On 13, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Search Engine Optimization | By admin

Six months ago, Google began displaying a “mobile friendly” alert next to websites in the search results page to certain qualifying sites. What sites meet the qualification of “mobile friendly” can be viewed on their blog post here.

When Google signifies the website is mobile friendly, this means the website is responsive, meaning that it folds up nicely into your phone, tablet, etc. Essentially, the website is seamlessly viewed with ease on any screen.

Responsive_Web_Design-TampaSo you may ask, what’s different about this little Google stamp of approval on mobile front? Well, up until recently, it was just a stamp in the search results. Google has indicated its new algorithm (effective April 21) will begin analyzing sites in the search rankings and penalizing sites that are not responsive. View the Google blog post here. This can I have serious consequences, if you are ranking well but your site is not mobile friendly. Even worse, if you’re trying to climb the rankings, and you’re not mobile friendly, it will be much more difficult to gain search engine exposure.

As I explain to clients all the time, Google’s main goal and namesake is predicated on returning the most applicable results to a user search query. The moment it stops evolving is the moment it becomes Yahoo search. Google does that by seeking out what it believes to be the best quality result for the applicable term.

So what’s the Takeaway? If your site is not mobile friendly and you have the means to change that, you need to run towards it. Hopefully, you saw the writing on the wall and adapted prior to now. If not, contact us for free consultation and we will work with you to transition you into the responsive era.

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