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In Search Engine Optimization

By admin

Why it Doesn’t Matter if No One Watches Your Youtube Video

On 25, Jun 2015 | In Search Engine Optimization | By admin

It’s only natural you would think a video on Youtube would be deemed “unsuccessful” if it does not have a large number of reviews. Of course, I’m not going to sit here and say a healthy Youtube following and views is not a great part of an overall marketing plan. However, the other benefit to posting videos on Youtube is the ability to grab a nice PR 9 backlink. As an example, here is a video that was produced for Jeff Krigel, a Tulsa DUI Lawyer. The video is catchy and professionally produced. So, what if no one watches the video on Youtube. Well, it would be optimal for a million views on it, but I will take it as is. What is it doing just sitting there, you say? I’m glad you asked. It’s has 1)relevant content to the target keywords for the website, 2) has prime keywords in the title, 3)has prime keywords in the tag and 4)has a snazzy, juiced link to the website in the description. This action, and other actions of this ilk, contribute to a healthy SEO plan. While this is only one small component, it is a strong SEO building block–and free.


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