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By Mark

Keeping Up With Your Law Firm Blog

On 22, May 2014 | No Comments | In Blogs | By Mark

The demands of writing a blog keep many attorneys from effectively using a blog. With the demands of every day practice, setting aside time to write blog post is low on the list of priorities. When deciding what to write about, consider the following:

What do potential clients ask about during initial consultations?

What do clients ask about in emails?

What questions SHOULD clients ask but often do not?

Any need-to-know legal developments?

Headlines (local and national) – what are people reading about that involves legal issues that need clarification?

A word to the wise: just because it’s news doesn’t mean it’s relevant. That being said, with a little creativity you may be able to link something that everyone is talking about to what you do – just make sure whatever you are writing about is helpful to your potential and existing clients.

Additionally, if you are taking your blog social (to your Facebook fan page, twitter account, etc.), make sure the topic is something you think your fans/followers would want to read about.

Demonstrate Your Expertise Through Proper Topic Selection

Outstanding law firm blogs both write about interesting topics and demonstrate how their law firm handles these issues. You want to give the flavor of your firm without stuffing it into the readers’ mouth: don’t get all car salesman at this point. Simply talk about the approach used at the firm to handle legal issues X, Y and Z. Use examples and representative cases with links to portfolio pages about those cases, where appropriate. The key is not to waste the opportunity of the blog post, by being just another law blog writing about the same topics as everyone else. Your experience is unique and this is where you can differentiate.

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