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The Vital Mobile Capable Website for your Law Firm

On 02, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Search Engine Optimization | By Mark

mobile-site-for-your-law-firmHave you ever visited a website on your smartphone that wasn’t designed to be viewed on a mobile device? If you had pinch and zoom to read content, then you can understand the frustration associated with such a viewing experience. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, once stated, “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.”  It is critical to look closely at your website is viewed from a mobile perspective, to experience what mobile viewers are seeing on your website. The question is not IF people are viewing your website on mobile devices, but IF they can navigate and read anything on your website.

It has been reported that on average, 8% of a person’s day is spent looking a mobile screen and 1 out of every four online searches is made through a mobile device. These statistics have huge implications for your law firm website today. If you were missing one out of four potential website clients because of an ill-designed website, that is a huge problem.

Since we have discovered you NEED a mobile web strategy for your law firm, the next question is whether you have a dedicated mobile site or a responsive site.

Responsive Websites

You may see a term on the web: bootstrap framework and/or responsive. For the purpose of this article, we will simplify bootstrap/responsive to say it’s a framework that allows websites to be placed into grids which conform to users devices or is responsive to the users screen size.  This style of web development is increasingly important because it, and designs in this ilk, will allow ONE site to fit all your needs. This is highly more desirable that a dedicated mobile site is custom development designed to be experienced specifically on a smartphone.

But mobile sites are cheap, sometimes $5-10 a month, or a lump-sum design fee, why would you want to go with a responsive site over a dedicated mobile site? Well, a responsive site is free, so there’s that. Also, anything separate and apart has to be continually maintained. Of course, you could always just leave the same old mobile site up with your practice areas and phone number, but as mobile devices improve and increase in screen size it’s as important as ever to have fresh, vibrant features on your mobile site.  Consequently, responsive is the way to go. A law firm website needs seamless transitions between all size viewing devices, showing all viewers your best/freshest material all while expending the least amount of resources.




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