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Web Design

Whether building your site from scratch or redesigning your current site, your input is an integral part of the process. Building a website and online presence is similar to building a house. Your foundation should be strong and the framing should fit your needs.

We will work with you through the following steps:

    • Gathering and organizing your content. It is important to think through the information you want to present to your visitors. What information is critical? What information is secondary? Generally speaking, when you are starting your site it is best to focus on the essential information you want to communicate to your visitors and then add additional pages and information over time. This approach has the bonus of keeping the content on your site fresh which Google and other search engines value in their rankings.
    • Design and Review. Utilizing the information from the step above, we will put it all together and create your site. We will setup your site based on the design we have worked up and will add your content and navigation. After a review, we will make any changes you request and then activate your site for the world to see.
    • Marketing/Search Engine submission (implementing SEO).Depending on your needs, this is the time to start working on your non-site based strategy. The web is a connected place and your name needs to be all over the web, not simply on your website.
    • Updating. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your website is thinking it is finished. A good website is never really finished. Keeping your content up to date is critical and adding new and fresh content will keep people (and search engine crawlers) coming back for more.